15 Minutes of Maddness {Body Weight Strength Workout}


Over the holiday’s I was traveling and veering from my normal routine.  I hit a few hot yoga classes, went running through new neighborhoods and broke out this kick ass circuit in my sister-in-laws enclosed deck. 

It was Christmas morning, gifts had been opened, I had coffee in my blood stream and I needed to move.  I had planned to go for a run, but it was pouring outside and outdoor activities were no longer an option.  As everyone else lounged around and opened a bottle of champagne.  I quietly snuck away, changed into my workout clothes and disappeared to the enclosed deck room off the back of the house. 

Fifteen or so minutes later, I reappeared feeling refreshed and energized.  After wiping the sweat off my forehead, I entered the kitchen and poured myself a glass of champagne, because after all it was Christmas morning.

When you are crunched for time, traveling or just don’t feel like hitting the gym, this body weight circuit is the perfect fix.

Repeat each round 4 times.

20 squats

20 tricep press (using a chair)

15 burpees (I jumped as high as I could)

15 push-ups (chest all the way to the floor)

Cheers to getting your sweat on!



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